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Warehousing Value-added Services

time:2020-06-29 16:18:35    source:admin

We not only provide traditional storage services, but also provide customers with value-added services such as sorting, sub packaging, labeling, plastic sealing, quality inspection, one-piece consignment and other customized storage services.


                                                     The content of warehouse value-added services    


  • Label making or replacement

Our company can provide personalized services such as label changing, labeling and label making, including product item label, country of origin label, brand label, bar code or special ID label, etc.



  • Packaging processing

We can provide a variety of professional processing links and packaging reinforcement services.


  • Sorting and packing

According to the customer's order requirements or distribution plan, the products can be divided into different packages or multiple products can be combined for packaging.


  •  According to customer's requirements and provided materials, we can carry out assembly and test or other processing services.


  •  Arrange loading and unloading, cabinet assembling together and other related services.


The above is only a small part of the third-party logistics value-added services we provide to customers. We can also provide other related personalized value-added services according to the needs of customers, so as to realize more efficient supply chain and low-cost warehousing and distribution for customers.

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