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Baoding e-commerce storage has a standardized and strict service quality management and control system. In the operation of the project, the company will use scientific and standardized processes and methods under relevant projects to formulate a detailed service management and control plan to ensure that Baoding e-commerce storage can provide customers with high-quality and stable logistics services.

Baoding e-commerce has the ability of comprehensive e-commerce services for the whole network, and is committed to providing professional services for the world's first-line brands in many fields and industries.

To provide B2C and B2B companies with one-stop comprehensive services for e-commerce, such as third-party warehousing logistics, national logistics distribution services, one-stop custody of Shenzhen warehouse, warehousing value-added services, third-party QC testing, e-commerce consignment, warehouse simple processing, import and export services.

Except to provide regular logistics and distribution services, we will also provide customers with value-added services such as sorting, sub packaging, unpacking and inspection, labeling, plastic sealing, quality inspection, one-piece consignment, as well as other customized logistics services.