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Founded in 2009, Shenzhen Baoding e-commerce Warehousing Management Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive and personalized warehousing service enterprise integrating e-commerce warehousing and distribution, warehousing custody, warehousing outsourcing, warehouse rental, warehousing and distribution, product reprocessing services and third-party QC testing. It is specialized in providing one-stop storage and custody service for the traders, distributors, manufacturers and other customers engaged in online and offline sales.


         At present, Baoding e-commerce has established multiple storage centers in major logistics parks in Shenzhen, with a total area of more than 30000 square meters. It has various types of warehouses, such as shelf warehouse and bungalow warehouse, 20 loading and unloading platforms, 800 ㎡ large unloading buffer zone, and 24-hour security supervision system. Each storage center is equipped with professional storage management software to realize standardized, efficient and refined storage management for customers. At the same time, Baoding e-commerce warehouse is equipped with a series of storage equipment and facilities such as light and heavy shelves, sorting trucks, forklifts, etc., to ensure convenient and efficient operation of goods in and out of the warehouse.

        Baoding e-commerce warehouse launched its own developed warehouse management system to realize seamless docking of multiple platforms, to provide e-commerce sellers with a full range of third-party warehouse and distribution management services integrating goods storage, order management and warehouse distribution, and to provide e-commerce enterprises with one-stop services such as printing orders, rechecking, picking, packaging, weighing, delivery and express delivery. So that reduce storage management and delivery costs for enterprises


        At the same time, Baoding e-commerce warehouse provides customers with a variety of value-added services. Such as the third-party QC inspection, incoming material assembly test processing, sorting, labeling, packaging replacement, membrane support, wooden box customization, goods collection, provide express delivery services for all kinds of company including e-commerce company , international small package delivery and other personalized services.


        Based on the tenet of taking customers as the center and responding to customers' needs quickly, Baoding team focuses on the field of e-commerce warehousing services and provides customers with professional, safe and fast warehousing services. At present, the service network is concentrated in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta, and radiates to surrounding cities, hoping to build a professional e-commerce warehouse management service enterprise in South China.


     In future, we will unswervingly strive to become the leader of e-commerce warehousing and the most reassuring choice for customers.