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Added-value service

time:2019-08-16 11:44:24    source:administrator

Not only do we provide traditional storage services, but also provide value-added services such as post-assembly, picking, packing, coding and labeling.

Picking and packing—We have a professional and careful team help with picking out the unqualified products and packing in your customized boxes or bags with the packaging materials, like bubble wrap, corner protector etc.

Customizing box—We can help our clients order suitable box and we also provide various packaging options to meet your special packing demand.

Assembling the kits—We can assembly parts into kits.


Combinate products from different suppliers—We can combinate your products from several suppliers and simplify the distribution process.

Group your orders in same address into one shipment—Our order-grouping technology allows to deliver products in the same address at one shipping.

 Making and sticking label—Shipping mark, country of origin mark, brand label and bar code are available.

The last one:没有了!