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Integrated warehousing services

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Specialized in providing one-stop warehousing and custody services for traders, distributors, manufacturers and other customers engaged in online and offline sales

Flexible warehouse rent, charging by day, minimizing customer costs

1. Customers can adjust storage area in advance according to the peak season, sales data forecast and promotion activities, so as to rationalize storage costs and effectively reduce operating costs.

2. Perfect storage facilities and modern management mode, no need to re - invest any storage fixed assets cost.



                                                       Warehousing Service Content

We provide one stop services including receiving, handling, loading and unloading, storage, circulation processing and distribution etc.

1. Circulation processing

     According to the diversity of customer needs and different transportation modes, we will set up various and specialized processing links, high-quality packaging processing to meet the different needs of customers.


2. Handling and loading

    We have a professional loading and unloading team, and the warehouse is equipped with various types of handling equipment, which is suitable for handling of various goods.

3. Security and fire fighting

     Thermometers and hygrometers are installed in the warehouse, so that the indoor temperature and humidity can be known immediately, so as to meet the requirements of products and take relevant measures.

     Modern sprinkler system and all-round anti-theft real-time monitoring video are used in the room to build an absolutely safe and secure storage environment for you.

     The vent of the warehouse has natural ventilators and exhaust fans, so as to build a standardized storage service platform with good ventilation conditions, safety and hygiene for you.

     Warehouse management personnel patrol 24 hours to ensure the safety of customers' property.

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